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Wedding in the Village

This is a journey through the most intimate and cosy villages in Italy, that are cradles of traditions lost in the mists of time.

A journey through ideal settings for your magical wedding!

Among these perched landscapes, small alleys, historic and unspoilt places, we conceived and realized the idea of the Marriage in the Village.

A new project to rediscover and recall traditions, sharing them with your loved ones, making your wedding day a unique and memorable experience.

A dreamy wedding, between history and tradition? The Wedding in the Village!

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Searching for traditions

Memory and stories of people living in the villages guard the rituals and elements of a forbidden time.

Let’s rediscover emotions from the past, experience them in the present, through the fascinating local traditions, history and wedding curiosities that this great heritage has handed down to us.

All this, shall contribute to create a new concept of wedding. Your big day will be a one of a kind experience to be shared with the people you love.

Living the Village

Every detail of the Village will enrich your wedding day with intense emotions.

Let’s witness first hand the tradition of the wedding rituals, helped by the stories and participation of the locals.

Experience the village in every corner, representing a piece of history full of love. In this enchanted atmosphere, past and present come together to make your wedding unforgettable.

Share your joy from a privileged point of view, where you are the protagonist together with the beauty of the traditions!

Roots Wedding

The discovery of one’s roots through a backward journey in time and within the walls of the ancient village of origin to rediscover and get to know not only the place, but the cultures, traditions and memories of its people.

An extraordinary opportunity to build a bridge that reunites with the past for all Italiandescendant couples who want, on the occasion of their wedding or its repetition, to undertake an emotional and intimate journey to discover their own origin.

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